First Announcement

St. Ingbert, Germany.
June 13 - 15, 2007

Lasers in Saarland 

Welcome to the web page of the laser medicine group. Our group consists of scientists and engineers from the Fraunhofer Institute of Biomedical Technology (IBMT), Germany, and the University of Saarland, lead by Prof. Karsten König. Here we present the research, medical and educational activities of institutions of Saarland in the field of lasers in science and medicine.

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Keywords: femtosecond laser, nanobiotechnology, multi-gene imaging, multiphoton microscopy, laser surgery, nanoprocessing, nanosurgery, Time Resolved Single Photon Counting, optical tomography, two-photon microscopy, FISH, fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), cell chamber, histology, enzyme marker, autofluorescence of skin, nanosurgery

by Ruben Ispiryan.  December, 2006