Conference - Focus on Microscopy   2005

The Focus on Microscopy 2005 conference and exhibition will take place in Jena, Germany, March 20-23, as the next in a series of unique interdisciplinary meetings on advanced multidimensional light microscopy and image processing. Hosted by the Friedrich Schiller University and the Fraunhofer Institute of Biomedical Technology (IBMT). 

We invite you to participate on behalf of the FOM2005 organizing committee:

* Karsten König
Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany
Fraunhofer Inst. für Biomedizinische Technik, St. Ingbert, Germany 
* Fred Brakenhoff
Inst. for Molecular Cell Biology, Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Technology Price "Technik für den Menschen"

In year 2005 the Fraunhofer-community has awarded the Technology-Price - "Technik für den Menschen" for outstanding scientific commitments in the improvement of life-quality to Prof. Dr. Karsten König in appreciation of his works in the field of nanosurgery by means of nanojoule femtosecond laser pulses.

Awarding ceremony by Prof. Dr. Klaus Gersonde at the annual meeting in Magdeburg

Due to its high precision and specific effects the laser-technique is being widely implemented in surgery. Typical applications include are eye surgery and tumor treatment. The problem is the destructive side-effect when using high laser pulse energies.

Professor König has succeeded in the introduction of 1000 times less energy values of pulsed laser pulses to be applied in surgery. The implication of femtosecond pulses can avoid the undesirable side-effects and, at the same time, allows precisely controllable removal in the region of some 100 nanometers. The patented method has lead to new and improved ways in nanosurgery and thereby is suitable to a large extent for the improvement of peoples’ live-quality.

Pascal Rol Award at the Conference of Photonics West

This year's Pascal Rol Award from SPIE - the largest international research community in the filed of photonics, has been conferred to Prof. Dr. Karsten König, the head of the department of Microsystems and Laser Medicine at Fraunhofer IBMT for his outstanding achievements in eye surgery and high precision cornea-diagnostics by means of low energy femtosecond laser pulses. The awarding took place in San Jose, California, at the Conference of Photonics West at which approximately 15 000 participants were present. 2 300 contributions were submitted to the conference. The Pascsl Rol Award is considered as the best contribution in the filed of laser ophthalmology. 

Award of the International Society of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology

Prof. Dr. Karsten König has received the Award of the International Society of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology for his presentation -  "Multiphoton Tomography of Human Skin", in June 2005. The awarding ceremony took place at the join meeting of the Society of Cutaneous Ultra Structure Research and the International Society of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology.