Workshop on Advanced Multiphoton and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Techniques

Organized by:

Fraunhofer IBMT


Becker & Hickl GmbH

St. Ingbert, Germany, June 19 - 21, 2006



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Invited Speakers

Brian Bacskai MGH, Boston MA
Wolfgang Becker bh, Berlin
Christoph Biskup University Jena
Alberto Diaspro University of Genoa
Michelle Digman University of Illinois
Rory Duncan University of Edinburgh
Paul French Imperial College London
Thomas Gensch Forschungszentrum Jülich
Martin Kaatz University Jena
Karsten König Fraunhofer-Institut St. Ingbert
Ammasi Periasamy Keck Centre Charlottsville VA
Zdenek Petrasek Biotec TU Dresden
Angelika Rück ILM Ulm
Dietrich Schweitzer University Jena
Peter So MIT Cambridge MA
Boris Vojnovic Gray Cancer Lab, London
Klaus Weisshart Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH Jena
Marc van Zandvoort University Maastricht


Information on accommodation, but as well on tourists’ issues, you can find e.g. on the Internet page of Saarbrücken, Please choose your language and make your way to the topic "Tourism" and to the accommodation information. For St. Ingbert, the website of the city of St. Ingbert proposes an overview on (in German only).


In case you are interested in organized accommodation, the workshop office has placed reservations:

-        Novotel Saarbrücken Goldene Bremm, The placed reservation will only be valid until April 1, 2006. The arrangement is valid for: arrival June 18, 2006 departure June 21, 2006. Single room € 111.00, double € 124.00  The prices are per room per night, and include breakfast and service. Please mention "Fraunhofer Institut" on your booking.
Address: Novotel Saarbrücken Goldene Bremm, Zinzinger Strasse 9, 66117 Saabrücken, Germany
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-        Europa Hotel Saarbrücken, The placed reservation on 20 rooms will be valid until May 15, 2006. Single room per night € 48.00, double per night 62€, prices include breakfast and service Please mention “Fraunhofer Workshop” on your booking.
Address: Europa Hotel Saarbrücken, Gutenbergstraße 29, 66117 Saarbrücken, Germany,
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-        Hotel Meran, Saarbrücken . The placed reservation on 25 rooms will be valid until May 10, 2006. Prices are in the range of  € 60.00 (single) to € 70.00 (double), including breakfast and service. We obtain 10% reduction on the list-prices. Please mention “Fraunhofer Workshop” on your booking.
Address: Hotel Meran, Mainzer Str. 69, 66121 Saarbrücken, Germany,
+49 (0)681 65381 (phone), +49 (0)681 61520 (fax)

-        Hotel La Fontana Costanzo, St. Ingbert, We reserved 9 rooms, valid until May 15,2006. Single room per night € 66.00, prices include breakfast and service. Please mention “Fraunhofer Workshop” on your booking.
Hotel La Fontana Costanzo, Ensheimer Str. 166-168, 66386 St. Ingbert. Germany,
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For general travel information, you might want to consult the railway Internet page, and the Internet page of the public transport in the region (site in German only).

The transfer
from/to the auditorium at Sulzbach is organized, please see the programme. The transport to and from Saarbrücken is possible by public transport (by e.g. railway, Central Station Saarbrücken to St. Ingbert in 15 min, € 2.60). The Workshop Office might organize a bus transfer to the Novotel, if the number of interested attendees is sufficient.